About Lucy


Lucy Cole, born and raised in Allen, TX, is an aspiring dancer and performer.  She is currently studying at the prestigious Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Entertainment at Oklahoma City University.  By pursuing a Bachelor’s degree of Performing Arts in Dance Performance, Lucy hopes to bring her education and love for the art form to the stage. Her recent credits include Home For the Holidays and Broadway Revue at Oklahoma City University. Additionally, she has also been featured in Mary Kay’s Summer Seminar’s over the past several years. Lucy is grateful for the opportunities she has been given and is eager to see what’s to come!

Aside from her passion for dance, Lucy enjoys photography. She believes that “There is something spectacular about simple and quiet scenes. Even beauty that whispers seems to shout. Inspiration is all around; all we have to do is be present and seek these beautiful moments.”

You will often catch Lucy at a coffee shop conversing with anyone and everyone. If not that, look behind the counter. Lucy is most likely serving this drink to the people she will eventually be conversing with. She describes these places as having the essence of “ familiarity and home.”