Spring 2019

Lucy performed in her 3rd annual Broadway Revue with the American Spirit Dance Company (dir. Jo Rowan). She was featured as a soloist and lucky to work with choreographers such as: Jo Rowan, Kari Shaw, Tiffany Waford, Julie Russel Stanley, Vincent Sandoval, Tiffany van der Merwe, and Tye Love. Lucy has most recently come back from her first tour with the American Spirit Dance Company.

Summer 2019

Lucy worked as a dancer for the annual Mary Kay Seminar production for her sixth summer in a row. She was fortunate to work with choreographers Kevin Wilson and Sienna Lyons.

fall 2019

In the Fall of 2019, Lucy will be featured as a student choreographer in the annual Student Choreography show at Oklahoma City University. Here she will choreograph, set, costume, and tech an original piece that will be featured on the Kirkpatrick Stage. Lucy will complete her undergraduate degree in Dance Performance by the end of the semester, in December 2019.